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These are some of the books that have influenced me most and that I recommend often to others. I'm very attached to these books; they are like friends to me. They have given me a view of life that has proven over and over how richly life can be experienced and inspired me to enjoy all the wonderful blessings that this universe has to offer. It is my hope that you can enjoy them with as much pleasure as I have. My gratitude to the authors for the wealth of ideas that they have bestowed upon us all.


P. S. Clicking on the picture of the book will take you to, where you can find more information about the book and order it, if you wish to add it to your own collection.

As a Man Thinketh
by James Allen

This book opened my mind to the fact that
if I don't like something in my world, I can
change it through my thoughts.
The Power of Your Subconscious
by Joseph Murphy

A powerful book that opened the door for me as to what the subconscious is and how to use it for success.
The Secret of the Ages
by Robert Collier

Collier impacted me strongly in helping me to realize that there is a thinking substance and that it can be tapped into.
The Universe Next Door
by James W. Sire

This book helped me consolidate and structure my world view, organizing it into a cohesive whole.
How to Succeed
by Brian Adams

"How to Succeed" introduced me to the laws of the universe.
Philosophy: Who Needs It
by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand demonstrated for me the need tor a rational, logical, objective approach to developing a philosophical framework.
by Mittaly Csikszentmittalyi

This awesome book showed me that you can flow in all domains and aspects of life. All tasks can be joyous and joyfully done!
Think and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill

Hill gave me a formula for thinking and showed me how to engage my mind with action.
How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie

This classic reaffirmed for me the value of friendship, and that you can cultivate relationships with people that are loving and lasting for life.
The Reenchantment of the World
by Morris Berman

Literally mapped out how people think and how to learn "thinking about your thinking." A very exciting book for me.
The Power of Psycho-Pictography
by Vernon Howard

Howard demonstrates the power of ??? as word pictures and how they can influence our feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Real interesting.
The Fifth Discipline
by Peter M. Senge

This book helped me to organize my reality from a systems perspective. It gave me jargon and the vocabulary to link all my logic chains into progressions, progressions into sybsystems, and subsystems into a wholistic view of life.


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