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We are no longer looking at the new millennium; we are in it. Let's start looking at 2020--this is the future. How will we provide for our needs socially, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally? How will we balance these domains not just within the individual, but within our communities, around our globe? We are becoming more and more connected. How can we grow into a more harmonious and balanced people?

Simply by developing and creating environments that allow people to understand and accept each other. Those environments or worlds are interconnected through a system that allows for flow. There are no boundaries because these environments deal with thoughts and concepts that are flows of energy. You don't need rules or constricting structures that inhibit or stifle people's thought processes. The rules and the structure come into play in the physical realm: pure thought dies when people's fears attempt to control it.

Therefore creating environments that honor, value, and respect the thinking processes we encounter is necessary. We must allow people to take courage, look at their fears, get out of their comfort zones, and to know that it's okay to be afraid. That life as we know it can be and is beautiful, that joy and happiness can reign supreme.

Ed Taylor
All Text and Images Copyright Ed Taylor, 2003